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Our company after a lot of hard work and pain was transformed into a leader in the field of timber.

Its present form is technologically up to date, obeying the guidelines and rules set by the European Nations.
The total area covered by the factory is 8,500 m2.  3,000 m2 of the total are roofed space for offices and timber processing space, with state of the art machinery: buzz saws, saw grinders and other.
The remaining 5,500 m2 are used for timber yard space.
The company owns vehicles for the transportation of imported timber as well as for the distribution within the country.  The imports are usually made from Rumania-Bulgaria-Russia-Turkey and other countries, while it distributes the entire country: Thraki-Macedonia-Sterea Ellada-Peloponnisos-Attiki-Crete as well as the islands of Aegean and Ionian Sea.

The knowledge and experience of Dimitris Karamanakis in coordination with the eagerness and will of the “new generation” warranty for the quality of our products.  The constant competition and the spite for the lead are motivation for constant awareness and being up to date.

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